1. Development of porous silicon humidity sensors and its ANN based signal conditioning circuit

2. Thin crystalline silicon Photovoltaic Cells

3. MEMS based Pressure Sensors

4. MEMS based metal oxide Gas Sensors

5. Development of telediagnostic system on chip.

6. Porous Silicon Low Pressure Sensors

7. Power Optimisation of VLSI Circuits

8. Study of Nanocrystalline Silicon, Zinc Oxide and its application on Solar Cells and Gas Sensors

9. CMOS MEMS integration and signal conditioning of gas sensor

10. Integrated temperature and presure sensors based on nanoporous silicon

11.Porous silicon formation by Alumina template

12.Design and Simulation of MEMS based capacitive switch

13. MEMS based pressure gas sensor

14.Mobile Communication in the mines